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7th World Conference on Qualitative Research (Faro, 2023)

Isabel Caeiro, head of Consulmark’s qualitative department, participated in the 7th World Conference on Qualitative Research, (WCQR2023), which took place in Faro (Portugal) and online, from January 25th to 27th, 2023.


The World Conference on Qualitative Research (WCQR) is an annual event that brings together researchers, world-renowned authors, and research groups from 40+ countries, sharing their experiences with qualitative methods, making the WCQR one of the most relevant platforms for discussing and disseminating the best scientific production in Qualitative Research.

Here it is one of the many interesting presentations by Sophie Woodward - University of Manchester (UK), on the topic of “What is creative about creative methods?”

Creative methods are becoming more widely used within qualitative social science research, and this talk addresses the question of creativity specifically to think through creativity as both the use of creative practices (such as arts based methods) in research as well as the more subtle creativities of adapting existing methods (such as how we do interviews or ask questions of the data in our analysis). I take material methods (Woodward, 2019) as a case study to explore these questions to consider them as creative approaches in terms of adaptations of established methods (such as object interviews or ‘material’ ethnography) as well as the use of arts based and design-based methods to widen the repertoire of social science methods (for e.g. cultural probes or other arts-based methods such as collage). By taking the example of my fieldwork into dormant things (things people keep in attics, wardrobes and cupboards that they are no longer using), the talk will consider how these methods allow us to ask new questions of our research and data.


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