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Our Clients

Our company carried out more than 1500 projects in the most varied areas of activity


Consumer Goods


Miscellaneous equipment

Distribution and Commercial Premises

Advertising and Communication 


Information Technologies


Financial and Insurance Products


Miscellaneous Services

Health and Pharmaceutical Industry 

Tourism, Travel, Leisure and Social Games


  • Food, Baby Food, Alcoholic Beverages and Non-alcoholic Beverages, Cosmetics/Perfumery, Personal Hygiene, Cleaning Products

  • Motor vehicles, Cork, Furniture/ Home equipment, Paper, Childcare, Tobacco, Clothing, Paints

  • Food, Chemical Products, Flowers/Plants

  • Built-in appliances, DIY, Toys, Information Technology, Crystals, Household Appliances, Telecommunications

  • Wholesalers, Retailers, Restaurants, Shopping Centres, Outlets


  • Advertising Agencies, Media Agencies


  • Press, Radio, Television


  • Internet, Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications, Cable TV, Interactive TV


  • Social Research Centres, Publishing Houses, Universities


  • Banking, Consumer Credit Companies, Insurance, ATM Services


  • Sector Associations, Railways, Coach Companies, Underground Railway


  • Mail, Directories, Natural Gas, Other Fuels


  • Associations, Laboratories, Opticians, Natural Products


  • Cinema, Collecting, State Institutes


  • Municipal Associations, Local Authorities, Political Parties


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