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Our Resources

Consulmark is composed of an interdisciplinary team of researchers, specialised in areas such as sociology, psychology, statistics and more. 

We have extensive experience in consultancy and in the uses of different types of analysis.

Analysis Procedures (Qualitative):

  • Content Analysis (total transcripts; interpretative discipline; the hidden areas); Holistic Analysis (Individual Observation: the individual as a whole and by parts); Semiotic Analysis (Symbols, signs)

Projective Techniques Used:

  • (Free) Word Association; Brand Mapping; Collages; Personification; Fancy Planet; Chinese Portrait; Laddering; Role-Playing; Sentence completion (namely “I wish”); To be another person

Analysis Procedures (Quantitative):

  • Bi and Uni-variate Analysis; Multivariate Analysis (Segmentation, Territorial Maps, Clusters, Correspondence)



Qualitative Resources

  • Venue at their main office in Lisbon downtown, available both for focus group discussions and individual interviews. 

  • Viewing of focus groups/in-depth interviews by clients, through a room, separated by a one-way mirror

  • Digital reading/recording appliances; Video-streaming; Recording/output possibilities: audio/video files (namely video files dubbed in other languages).

  • Recruitment team


CATI resources

  • Call center located at Consulmark headquarters

  • Each workstation with Internet connection, remote monitoring and listening that allows you to follow the field from anywhere.

  • Experienced fieldwork team, with a stability of several years

  • Gandia-Integra software


Face-to-Face resources

  • Availability of experienced interviewers in all regions (mainland and islands), which allows us to carry out studies in any part of Portugal.

  • CAPI devices (android based), allowing for GPS checking/supervision

  • Gandia-Integra software

Join Our Team

Technical Team

At Consulmark we believe that teamwork is the secret to our success. That is why we value so highly all those that work with us. 

If you like to work in an environment that is informal, carefree but professional, innovative, creative, enjoyable, open-minded, ethical and involving, we invite you to browse through our site to get to know us better and send us our application.


If you would like to join dynamic fieldwork teams (Lisbon call-center or face-to-face in any part of the country), please send us your CV.

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