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Who We Are

Consulmark® is a full-service Market Research company, founded in 2004, with its headquarters located in Lisbon downtown. Our company conducts both qualitative and quantitative studies and offers high quality solutions.​The mission of Consulmark® is to offer a highly specialized service and, in the specific case of customized projects, contribute with its in-depth analyses to the strategic planning of client companies and institutions.

Performance Awards

“Outstanding review, process and understanding of the World Pool requirements prior to fieldwork” 

Washington DC Conference 2018

“Lowest refusal rate across Western Europe”

Athens Conference 2019

“For the most improved refusal rate across Western Europe and North America in 2020” 
“For the lowest refusal rate across Western Europe and North America"
“For greatest improvement in sample management”

WENA North America and Western Europe Conference 2021

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